Assessment Solutions

We offer a variety of validated online assessment solutions for candidate selection and professional development.   Whether you are seeking personal growth inside an organization or simply would like to create your own path towards personal development, we can support you in areas such as:

Leadership Development, Building Interpersonal Skills, Conflict Resolution, Enhancing Team Relationships, Work/Life Balance, and more.  

Stress Quotient

The Stress Quotient assessment measures workplace stress in seven index factors, revealing how stress affects the overall health, productivity and morale of both individuals and the teams.  A leadership version of the Stress Quotient is also available to help gauge a leader’s stress level and their stress triggers.

Commonly used to: Identify root causes of stress, facilitate conversations to begin creating a plan that addresses the causes and to help improve employee performance and productivity.


In today’s market companies are finding it essential to teach their employees how to better communicate with one another. Ongoing validity research places  DISC™ as one of the most highly validated assessments on the market. There are several different report variations to help meet the exact needs of an organization. The purpose of using DISC™ is to help individuals attain a greater knowledge of themselves as well as others. The ability to interact effectively with others could determine success or failure.

Commonly used to: Identify personal communication preferences and styles, and facilitate developing team cohesion. 

12 Driving Forces™ (Motivators)

12 Driving Forces™ (Motivators) unlocks the why behind an individual’s actions, showcasing what drives their behavior.  12 Driving Forces reveals how each individual is uniquely motivated in both life and work.  Do you know why you act the way you do? Values are the “why” behind your actions.  Everyday people make decisions based on what drives them, i.e., their values. Each experience you have will shape your values in some way. Everyone is unique and has different driving values.  The driving values are what make you “you”.  By understanding an individual's values, you will know what makes them effective, satisfied and fulfilled employees.

Commonly used to: Improve employee engagement, and determine job and culture fit.

TriMetrix DNA

TriMetrix DNA describes how people behave, why they behave that way, and what the process is behind their decision-making. It also reveals soft skills they’ve mastered.  TTI TriMetrix DNA examines the behaviors individuals bring to the job, the motivators/driving forces that drive them and the ability to demonstrate the competencies required by the job.

Commonly used to: Develop talent effectively for leadership and for high potential team members, also for job fit evaluation.

Emotional Quotient

TTI Success Insights Emotional Quotient looks at a person’s emotional intelligence, which is the ability to sense, understand, and effectively apply the power and acumen of emotions to facilitate higher levels of collaboration and productivity.

Commonly used to: Identify a person’s ability to sense and connect with others to build stronger relationships. 

Sales Skills Index™

The Sales Skills Index is an objective analysis of an individual’s understanding of the strategies required to sell successfully in any sales environment.

Commonly used to: Determine if sales staff members understand the sales process, how they compare against top sales performers, and if they have the ability to sell. Used in sales training, team and leadership coaching, and as an all-in-one training guide.

TTI Relationship Insights™

Effective communication is the core of all family relationships. This program was developed to assist every family in achieving the following objectives:

  • Identify and understand each individual’s natural behavior and communication style
  • Understand and appreciate other family members natural behavior and communication style
  • Blend one’s style with others for effective communication

An understanding of behavioral styles can dramatically improve the relationship between family members. With a report for the parent and young adult, each will have the knowledge they need to truly understand one another.

ODsurveys Plus™

The work place today is trying to produce more with fewer resources for customers who demand more for less. The stress on workers is greater than ever. Managers must continually be in touch with employees and customer needs.  This dynamic survey tool provides you the information needed to guide your business to higher levels of success.

Commonly used to: Identify employee concerns, business challenges, and stimulate employee engagement.  

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